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Meet Our Chef Celebrity

Hank and Sharyn Yuloff


Help this Celebrity Reach their Fundraising Goal

You can help this celebrity sous chef raise the needed funds to help support Habitat’s Mission to eliminate substandard housing.

Hank and Sharyn Yuloff come to the Chefs for Habitat contest with a very unique perspective.

The first is that in both of their past homes, Los Angeles, California and Sedona, Arizona, they were involved at various levels with Habitat. They were business coaches for the Verde Valley Habitat where they substantially increased their ReStore volume. The one thing they have NOT done is actually swing hammers on a construction site because, as Hank puts it, “This is a talent show and all you’d see is me flattening both my thumbs.”

They support Habitat because they’re saddened that to end homelessness in the United States* would cost just $20 billion, which in terms of a per citizen basis is less than a $100. They think that this is a worthwhile goal for the country. In this contest, it’s their goal to fundraise for 100 citizens because “We’ve seen first-hand that with the money in Habitat’s hands, every dollar goes much further.”

Their company, Yuloff Creative Marketing Solutions, is a complete small business coaching firm, offering traditional and technological marketing plans for small companies who never thought they could afford the benefits of a Chief Marketing Officer, a Human Resources Manager and a down-the-hall sales trainer.  Their coaching services have the highly unique advantage of being offered with a money-back guarantee. As a giveback to all the communities where they’re involved, the Yuloffs offer over 150 hours of free business coaching per year.

Now, when they’re not on phone calls with clients or behind a computer screen, they enjoy going to the movies (because no phones are allowed!), planning their next cruise vacation and their new hobby since moving to Delmarva appears to be feeding a pack of stray cats! Anyone need a kitten?

* Per the Department of Housing and Urban Development