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Meet Our Chef Celebrity

Jeremiah Coyne


Help this Celebrity Reach their Fundraising Goal

You can help this celebrity sous chef raise the needed funds to help support Habitat’s Mission to eliminate substandard housing.

“My name is Jeremiah Coyne. I am a proud father of two incredible kids and a husband to a wonderful wife.  I work for Go Glass as the Regional Manager and I love being a part of the Go Glass mission to be involved in our local community.  In my free time I enjoy writing music, smoking meats, drinking good coffee, traveling, and spending time with my family and friends.

I love writing music because music leads people to hope.  It turns their attention from their present circumstances to the possibilities of a brighter tomorrow.  This is why I support the efforts of Habitat for Humanity. Where I create melodies that refocus attention, Habitat for Humanity builds the future for them to refocus their attention on.  I resonate deeply with their mission to provide peace to those who feel burdened by financial situations and am excited to see all the great work that they will do in 2024.”