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Meet Our Celebrity Chef

LaToya Ward


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A little about me, my name is Latoya Ward. I was born and raised in Salisbury, Maryland. My father was in the Military and with me being the first born in female on that side of my family I spent a lot of time with my grandparents. I watched and learned everything I could from my grandmother’s and my Mommy in the kitchen. By the age of eight year’s old I was able to prepare a full meal for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. I love to cook to try new recipes to play with my grandmother’s recipes and mix them up. I started catering events in 2019 for different family members and friends which gave my Godfather a great idea for a food truck. Since summer 2022 we have been on the roll with The Hook Up. We have all kinds of delicious food, but the egg rolls are amazing. When I was pregnant with my 3-year-old in 2019 I couldn’t find an egg roll that soothed my craving, so I created a few. Cooking is my passion I find joy in feeding other’s food is for the soul is what my Great Grandmother Hazel Mae would say.

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